About Us

"When I first began designing websites," recalls Mike Grigsby, owner of Purpleproof, "many of my clients would say to me, 'I need a website, how much does that cost?'"

"I would try to explain that a broad question like that would produce only a broad answer. With additional information I could tender a precise estimate, allowing me to provide not only what they asked for, but what they really wanted as well."

"During one unsuccessful explanation attempt—desperate to get my message through—I fired a thought provoking question back to the prospect, 'What color is purple?'"

His dazed look confirmed a break through!

"A rapid volley of questions ensued and I was able to finally convey to him that the more information he could provide about his intentions, expectations, desires and hopes, the better I would be able to serve him." Thus began the purple-proof campaign.

Years have passed and our client list has grown, but one thing remains: provide the best in service and quality and exceed our clients' expectations.

With over 15 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry, Mike Grigsby has amassed a network of contacts, programmers, designers and marketing professionals throughout the United States to help put those in need in touch with those who have the expertise.

With its "virtual office" concept, Purpleproof is able to bring out the best in design and programming, while keeping the overhead to a minimum. These savings are then passed along to customers enabling them to take advantage of substantial discounts.

Purpleproof isn't just about what looks right—it's about what is right! Providing low-cost, quick-turn, web and marketing solutions.

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