1. Why Purpleproof?

We understand the needs of small business Internet and marketing. Whether it's a site enhancement or an advertising campaign, we offer the services you need at an affordable price.

Purpleproof caters to small business needs. With our intuitive, quick-turn solutions, we take the guesswork out of the project for small business owners, allowing them to concentrate on the core activities of their business. Our cost-effective services are ideal for small offices. As a small business ourselves, we believe that it shouldn't cost a fortune to look like a million bucks!

2. How quickly can I expect my website to be completed?

Our core product is our Website Facelift package. These packages are geared toward existing sites, utilizing current content and dressing them up in new fashion. A Website Facelift brings new life and vitality to websites. These projects typically turn around within 2 weeks.

New web projects, content-driven sites and other marketing package turnarounds are determined by content and production availability on a per project basis. A detailed proposal with costs, estimated delivery date and other information will be provided upon inquiry.

3. What costs will be associated?

Costs associated with Website Facelift packages are limited to production hours only. In some cases, additional artwork, photography and link association may be required. A detailed proposal with costs, estimated delivery date and other information will be provided prior to project commencement.

New web projects, content-driven sites, and other marketing packages may require additional fees and/or supply charges. Third-party subscriptions (i.e. search engine listing services) may also be required for project completion. These ancillary services may also affect delivery dates.

4. Once completed, will I own the artwork?

Yes, once the project has been completed you own both the content and design. Our clients are not obligated to host with us and are always free to have anyone they want work on their website. Purpleproof does retain reproduction rights of the artwork for purposes of promotion and advertisement.

5. Does Purpleproof guarantee its work?

Purpleproof offers a limited guarantee on the delivery timeframe of all projects. Purpleproof will guarantee delivery of project as specified within the Statement of Work or the client will pay the deposit amount only. Some projects may exceed the estimated completion date due to multiple change requests made by the client outside of the scope of the Statement of Work. These delays are not a breech of the Statement of Work.

Purpleproof also offers a 30-day correction policy on all website projects. Should changes be requested, they will be charged in accordance with our Statement of Work; any/all corrections will be made free of charge within the 30-day period immediately following the delivery of the project, unless otherwise noted.

6. How am I billed?

All Purpleproof invoices are delivered via electronic mail in PDF format. Website Facelift packages require a $1500 deposit before production will begin. All other projects require a 50% deposit prior to production. A detailed project invoice will be sent upon project completion with the balance due in full prior to publishing website or release of final artwork. Clients choosing to pay by credit card will receive a second invoice through PayPal Services. Credit card payments will be channeled through PayPal. Payment received via personal or business check will add five (5) days to delivery date.

7. How does Purpleproof create my website?

Our designers thoroughly review your existing site as well as popular sites within your industry. Since we primarily work with existing sites, we create the new site utilizing familiar elements from your current site. We incorporate other elements of style and usability that bring your site up-to-date and increase functionality and speed.

Once a project commences you will receive our "best work" concept of the site layout. With your approval, we will begin integrating that design into the entire site. Typically, within 2 weeks after design/layout approval, your new site is online ready to be used. For an additional fee, we will even help promote* your new site!

8. How We Work



*Web promotion packages are an email delivery and notification service which must use your confirmed and qualified contact list, SPAM list mail notifications are not allowed through this service. Additional fees may apply.

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