Typical Work Week

Hard-charging, ready to put out the week's fires.


Week's fires too much to handle. Send back-up!


Hump Day: can't see straight, need more caffeine!


No more Java. Back to work.


You've aged twenty years in five days and Monday is right around the corner again.



Okay, so maybe not every week turns out like this. Nevertheless, we know that your clients demand your attention and your success hinges upon your ability to focus on the core activities of your business. Purpleproof was created to help small business owners by removing the hassles from web development and site promotion.

Most companies choose not to update their websites on a regular basis because of the time and cost barriers associated with these types of projects. Purpleproof removes these barriers by providing up-to-date design with astounding turn around times at an extremely affordable price. Getting your site updated quickly allows you to concentrate on the core activities of your business: we do what we do best, freeing you to focus on what you do best!

Here is what you can expect when you purchase a Website Facelift package from Purpleproof:

1. Review and Recommendation

Our designers personally review your website, along with other sites in your industry to get a feel for both the industry and your company. Since each of our designs is customized for our individual clients, you can rest assured that we're not taking a cookie-cutter approach and that you're getting the solution which best fits your website. In most cases this step has already been completed before we contact you.

2. Concept and Creation

We next combine the reviews of our designers and build a mockup home page of the proposed design. Additionally, if interior site pages have a complementary design, those concepts will be available for review as well. The page(s) will be posted on our server for your review; you will receive a link via email, giving you access to the page(s). We then follow up with you to determine if we can go ahead with our concept, or we'll move forward with the changes you want to see incorporated into the design.

3. Production

With the approval of the concept artwork and receipt of the deposit*, we will begin working on the redesign of your site. Our Website Facelift packages are completed within two weeks—guaranteed!** Our goal is to get the artwork approved and implemented as quickly as possible, so as to draw as little attention away from your core business activities as possible.

We employ workers throughout the United States who have the expertise and experience to bring top-quality results to your project. All of our redesign work is conducted during night and weekend shifts. This plan forces our designers to get the work done right the first time and not draw out the project. We pride ourselves on disturbing your core business activities as little as possible.

4. Project Completion

Once the redesign has been completed, the entire site will be hosted in a staging area on our server for your review. Should changes be requested, they will be charged in accordance with our Statement of Work; any/all corrections will be made free of charge. If the project satisfies the requirements outlined in the Statement of Work, you will be prompted to sign off on the project. Upon signing off, you will receive an invoice for the balance . After receiving the invoice balance, we will ship a CD with all of the accompanying artwork and HTML files. Your original site and associated files will also be included on the CD.

Additionally, you can choose to provide us with temporary access to your server, at which point we will upload your new files—at no extra charge—directly to your server, for immediate publication of your new site on the Internet.

5. Additional Services

Many of our clients choose to take advantage of our other web and marketing services. For example, some clients choose to integrate Dynamic Content, Database Management or eCommerce to their website. These services will be added to your site after the initial completion of the website redesign. This allows us to concentrate on the task at hand while breaking up the project into manageable pieces; each with their own production timeframe and billing. Please inform us of any other services that you would like to consider prior to beginning the website redesign.

There you have it: five simple steps for a brand new look for your website. Purpleproof specializes in website redesigns and we take pride in making the process as simple as possible. And with our PayPal invoicing, we've even managed to turn payment into a low-hassle process as well. Our goal is to help you improve your overall online presence by providing you with top-quality, low-cost, quick-turn web and marketing services.


View our Fee Schedule (Click Here)

Purpleproof uses PayPal to distribute invoices and receive credit card payments. Payments can also be made by check or money order. Payments made by personal or business check will extend completion date by five (5) business days.

*All Website Facelift packages require a $1500 deposit; all other packages require a 50% deposit. All deposits must be received prior to commencing production.

**Guarantee: Purpleproof will guarantee site completion within 14-days (two weeks) or buyer will pay the deposit amount ($1500) only. 14-day time period begins on date of concept approval or deposit receipt, whichever is the latter of the two. Some projects may exceed the estimated completion date due to multiple change requests made by the client outside of the Statement of Work. These delays are not a breech of the Statement of Work or completion date guarantee.

 All balances are due upon completion and must be received prior to publishing the website and/or releasing the archive CD.

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