Small Businesses

Studies have shown that website visitors stay longer and purchase more goods/services on sites with aesthetic appeal and intuitive navigation. Moreover, in examining users' first impression of websites, studies have found that the best predictor for the overall judgment by typical users of a website is its beauty.**

The Internet is chock full of businesses peddling everything from potions to professional development. The majority of these companies have excellent products and services. Some even market industry-revolutionizing ideas.

What has become a rarity, however, are those companies which have been able to successfully weave the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality and intrigue into their websites; matching their look with their capabilities. Instead the Internet is jam-packed with nominal or outdated design and usability.

Why are there so many websites that miss the mark of attracting and retaining visitors? We believe there are three basic pieces to the "web-effectiveness" puzzle: Time, Knowledge and Resources.

Securing two of the three pieces is often and quickly accomplished. Acquiring all three pieces, however, is not a task easily achieved. 1) Time: very few small business owners have the necessary time to devote to the maintenance of their site; 2) Knowledge: it is often difficult to know what is needed and what is visually pleasing for maximum effectiveness; 3) Resources: not every small business is capable of employing a trained design professional.

Purpleproof was created specifically with the small business owner in mind. Through our extensive design experience, comprehensive web and marketing knowledge we offer low-cost, quick-turn solutions for your Internet presence. From concept to implementation; whether you're needing a facelift for your site or someone to help get your idea out of your head and onto the page, Purpleproof is your solutions provider.

While Purpleproof was created to aid small business owners with website development and enhancement, we also offer a broad scope of other creative services to include:

Advertising: Print and Web Promotions

Collateral: Corporate Brochures, Cover Letters, Mailers

Identity: Logos, Business Cards, Corporate Identity

Publications: Annual Reports, Catalogs, Publications

Consulting: Strategic Marketing, Campaign Management


**Shenkman, B. O., Jonsson, F. (2000). Aesthetics and preferences of web pages. Behaviour & Information Technology, 19(5), 367-377.

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