What We Do

Purpleproof is a full-service web development and marketing consulting company catering to small businesses. Our quick-turn, low-cost solutions make us a choice vendor for companies looking to capitalize on advertising opportunities or expand their online presence.

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Website Facelift

The staple of our business, these packages help breathe new life into stagnant sites. Many websites do not require a complete revamp, costing thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. Time and money are guarded resources for small business owners. We understand this and over come it with our low-cost, quick-turn, quality packages. We'll put a new face on your existing site and give you and your customers something to shout about!

Graphic Design

Purpleproof is all about image. When it comes to brochures, advertising graphics, logos, stationery, icons and more, let Purpleproof put our award-winning designers to work for you. Our designers are skilled in not only the techniques and tactics of business graphics—they make things look really cool too!

Content Management

Having a newly redesigned website by a team of professionals is one thing. Having a newly redesigned website that allows you to make changes whenever you want and need—now that's something different!

Our programmers can integrate an administrative module into your website, giving you secure access to edit/add/delete content on your website. Log into your admin module and update the text on your home page, add new product photos, announce your upcoming trade show, notify your customers of weekly specials—if it relates to content, you can do it just as easy as sending an email!

Comprehensive Website Packages

Sometimes a facelift just isn't enough and you need more horsepower. Allow us to put together a web development package that brings out all of the robust features found in major Internet sites. Internal search engines, corporate intranets, document management/delivery, messaging, secure user access, RSS feeds, and more! Make your site as big and complex as you want it, we'll be there every step of the way helping you get it done.

Email Marketing

So, now that you've got a newly redesigned website, who are you going to tell about it? Send us your customer contact list and we'll do it for you. We'll design an entire email campaign if you choose, or just send out a one-time notice. Use this service on a regular basis to keep your customers up to date and informed of announcements, specials or changes to your business. Oops—no spamming allowed!

Strategic Marketing

Looking to expand your horizons and tackle new endeavors? How are you going to get there? What does your audience look like? What's going to keep you from getting there? Do you have all the pieces in place?

Contrary to popular belief, marketing is not just about advertising. From learning about your closest competitors, to divvying up market segments, to launching new products, you tell us where you want to go, and we'll help you draw a road map to get there.

Finally, if there is a service that you are in need of that you do not see listed here, get in touch with us anyway, as we will most likely be able to point you in the right direction and save you a great deal of time and trouble.

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