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Introduction to Small Business Websites

Many people believe that all small businesses should and will become eBusinesses, conducting the majority of their selling, communicating, and computing using the Internet. They see an enormous, almost untapped market bursting forth right now. While this idea is not entirely correct, it is also not entirely false.

A large percentage of small businesses are clearly willing and able to spend large sums of money to utilize the Internet as part of their relationships with customers (and will decidedly benefit from such use), but only for appropriate purposes, such as a basic informational web site. For most, however, online catalogs with credit card transactions, reengineered backroom processes, and vast interactive databases regarding customer visits and preferences, are too great an endeavor.

Purpleproof recognizes that the greater majority of small businesses do not fit this model—yet the general market remains huge. Basic, informational web sites continue to make up the core of the marketing mix for these businesses. Business owners know they need a website—even if they are not sure exactly why. And the cost of basic Internet uses, such as simple web sites, fits well within the marketing budget of small businesses.

Purpleproof capitalizes on this research by specializing in website redesigns. While many small businesses already have an online presence, our goal is to assist them with periodic updates to the look-and-feel of their site, pacing it with technology trends and customer usability at an affordable price.

Website Facelift—Let our design professionals create a brand new look-and-feel for your site. Most companies really aren't looking for or need a completely revamped site; they just want an update. If the content on your site is still in good order, let us give you a hand by dressing up the site with a new look and new attitude. more...

Comprehensive Website—Build upon our Website facelift or bring dynamic content to your existing site. For small businesses, dynamic content is the economical approach to a bolder, more fluent online presence. Dynamic content sites give you the flexibility you need to make the changes you want, when you want, without learning HTML or bothering with programming costs! more...

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